The Sober Session

December 3, 2014

This edition of Chatting Shizz is a little different to the usual. Gone are the familiar sounds of bottles and cans being cracked open, and no slurring from Pike after 15 minutes. Nothing but the sound of a kettle boiling, and the clinking of a teaspoon as it gently stirs a cup of Yorkshire Tea. Oh, and some major farts from Paul! Oops! Short and sweet, just like the oat biscuits being eaten during the recording. Snooker legend "The Whirlwind" Jimmy White starts us off in this 9th episode, followed closely by an unexpected guest called John from Family Living. With chat about exotic locations such as Mexico and Gloucester, banter or maybe bullying, and some chat about movies and Foo Fighters new album as well as a bunch of other crap that we spit out! Worth a listen as always.


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