The Brit Awalrus

March 1, 2015

It's award season, so we are awarding you with one of our finest works to date. The Brit Awalrus! This time we talk Brits, Oscars, Razzies, throw in a little chunk of boxing, a freaky 3 year old, and a couple of reviews and you've got yourself a damn good podcast! SPOILER ALERT!:We talk about the EPIC novel 'Firefight' by Brandon Sanderson (at 00:56:16). For those of you that don't give a damn about books, or don't want a spoiler, our review is seconds shy of 19 minutes long. We finish up with the much awaited UK review of Kevin Smith's awesome movie, 'Tusk', (at 01:25:25)... That's 24 whole minutes of pure tuskiness. Enjoy!


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